Wedding in Heraklion, Crete

In this post you will see photos from 2 charming weddings in Heraklion. The first one in the North and the second in South Crete!

wedding decoration in Heraklion

A lovely couple had their wedding in Heraklion in an amazing wedding venue. I will always remember how colourful this ceremony was. The area was beautifully decorated with pink and green details. Their Wedding Planner was the amazing team of Eventous and the wedding Venue was Emelia Estate.

decoration details
details of the wedding decoration at the ceremony place
guests having fun while taking selfies

The bride arrived accompanied from her father and brother in the ceremony venue. In front of them, there were musicians who were playing traditional Cretan songs.

bride walking down the aisle with her father and her brother
musicians play tradition Cretan music when the bride arrives at the church

It was such a fantastic moment when the groom saw the bride for the first time and their families and friends were so happy!

groom happily sees the bride for the first time
the bride's father talking to the groom

They continued together to the ceremony place.

marriage in Heraklion
the priest is waiting for the couple
close-up portraits of the groom and the bride

The wedding ceremony was full of happy and moving moments.

wedding crowns swap tradition
weddinng ceremony in Heraklion
the groom and the bride are happy

Rice throwing is a wedding tradition in Crete. The guests of that wedding did their best for that!

rice throwing wedding tradition
guests throw rice on the newly weds in Crete

After the wedding ceremony, I photographed the newly-weds in some colourful spots around the venue.

wedding portraits in Heraklion
colourful spot in the venue
newly weds in Heraklion
close-up portrait of newly weds
wedding photo-shoot in Heraklion
just married in Heraklion
wedding bouquet

The dinner and party time took place in a well prepared location decorated with small olive trees.

wedding venue Κτήμα Εμμέλεια
guests having fun
wedding venue in Heraklion
newly weds first dance
looking each other with love

This wedding in Heraklion was full of energy, happy mood and so much dancing!

traditional Cretan dance
happy guests dancing
bride enjoys a traditional dance

Some days after their wedding day we did a wedding photo-session. The couple was very relaxed and calm and the light was stunning!

groom kisses the bride
black and white bridal photo-shoot in Heraklion
day-after photo-shoot in a colourful village
calm portrait of the bride
holding each other
amazing wedding photo-session

Wedding portraits in the South

I was the photographer in a wedding in the Heraklion area for two beloved persons who I have known for many years. My friends Maria and Giorgos had their portrait session in the South. That area offers many natural beauties, which are ideal for an outdoors photo-shoot some days after their wedding. In Heraklion area, one of the most famous places to visit is Votomos lake, near Zaros village. It is created at the foothill of Psiloritis mountain. It is a stunning natural environment, which offers a relaxing time and harmony to the visitor.

next-day wedding photo-session in Heraklion
bridal portrait in the countryside of Heraklion

We arrived before the sunset and the light was soft and charming. Then we slowly walked around the lake of Votomos and we had so much fun in that small path. So many things to enjoy in that small hiking with the couple.

wedding photo-shoot in Votomos lake, in Zaros


We met when George passed by my job. It did not take long for us to fall in love. A few years later, he made a proposal with a romantic dinner. Regarding the photographer of our wedding in Heraklion area, we are impressed by his work and his discretion while photographing. When we received our photos, we liked them all. The way Antonis photographed even the brightness and the colors are gorgeous. Every time we look at them, they make us feel like we relive those moments. Thank you very much for all my friend Antonis.

couple in Votomos lake, in Zaros
bride is looking at her partner
portrait session in Zaros lake

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