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Α Mykonos wedding! Welcome to heaven on earth, yes, Mykonos is a paradise. An unrivaled beauty, which consists of throngs of happy bronzed-up bodies, exquisite waters! Sun kissed villages with incredible sights, endearing atmosphere and picturesque buildings produces just the perfect wedding backdrop. Who wouldn’t want to experience the joy and pleasure of a Mykonos wedding?

Along with my words, I have included images from a Mykonos wedding in a seaside hotel. Two people who really love the Greek light and the natural splendor decided to get married in their favorite Greek island.

the hotel where the couple and guuests stay and get ready

The ambience and breathtaking beauty of Mykonos give every couple a memorable wedding. Permit me to give you a glimpse. This alluring island is situated at the center of the Aegean Sea along with the other Cyclades islands. Mykonos has 25 magnificent beaches dotting round it. You will never lack for unique locations on this magical island for whatever type of event you may desire. Whether it is civil wedding, Catholic wedding, Hindu or Orthodox wedding, or just to renew marital vows, there is just the perfect setting for you in Mykonos.

hanging wedding dress and the flower girl


The weather in Mykonos is temperate most of the time. The rains are usually mild during winter and autumn. If you want to arrange your marriage at this period, you may consider an indoor setting.

happy bride adds make-up

There is the issue of peak tourist season to consider. The summer months have many tourists from all over the world flooding into Mykonos. The result is a beautiful crowd on every available space on the island. The couple and their wedding guests can join the bandwagon and enjoy the sunshine and laughter of summer with their Mykonos wedding. The off seasons are ideal for a serene wedding ambience. Springtime and winter in Mykonos are usually temperate and less crowded. Will you be able to cope with the crowd and noise or would you rather go for the off-season?

portrait of the bride

“Mykonos Wedding” setting ideas

Mykonos offers you the best choices based on your taste, theme and needs. One can enjoy magnificent outdoor Mykonos wedding and reception at any of the beautiful locations on the Island. They make for enthralling photographic scenes.

bridesmaid prepares the bride

– Outdoor wedding. Private villas can host luxurious weddings enhanced by privacy, relaxation, excellent cuisines prepared and served by professionals.

groom and his friends

– Seaside wedding is the choice of many romantics and there are numerous gorgeous beaches to choose from. The “Platis Gialos” beach is apt for summer, spring or autumn wedding. It is both beautiful and serene as you glide through the warm white sand. You can gaze up at the surrounding picturesque architectural hotels and probably lodge in them. If you desire partying, the “Elia” beach will satisfy your wedding theme. There is a plethora of striking beaches suitable for events.

groom with his friends

– Church weddings. Mykonos is rich in churches with panoramic views. Local churches like the Church of St. Sostis majestically and beautifully sitting on a cliff looking out to the sea, provides the serenity and splendor of a grand church. The Greek church of St. Haralambos is a beautiful Orthodox church. Many other adorable churches adorn the city of Mykonos all of which will gladly provide excellent wedding services.

the bride arrives with her father

– Civil weddings are popular among the non-religious and Mykonos has excellent provisions for this group. The ceremony is usually conducted at the Mykonos Town Hall. The wedding reception can take place at any of the exceptional locations in the town.

wedding ceremony in Mykonos

– Hotels, resorts, and outdoor receptions can complete your wedding ceremony. Many hotels and resorts offer wedding planning services and couples can fulfill all their dreams about this great day. These elegant locations will provide you with incredible wedding reception and parties – indoor and outdoor. Some of these places have private chapels where you can conduct the exchange of vows peacefully.

portrait of the bride during the ceremony

– Boat or Yacht weddings are a in Mykonos. You can mark that special day on the sea safely ensconced on a decorated boat or yacht. These are available for hire and can be customized to suit the couple’s desire.

the couple looking towards the celebrant during the wedding ceremony

Never a dull moment in Mykonos

Mykonos weddings can be complemented with so many other exciting experiences. Prior to the Mykonos wedding or after it, you, your spouse and guests can enjoy relaxation and fun.

the guests

Beaches: Mykonos is a tourist paradise, you can visit the different beaches dotted round the town. For instance, the “Paraga” beach, “Psarou” beach and the “Paradise” beach where you can party, relax and enjoy Mykonos exotic dishes. The “Fokos” and “Ftelia” beaches are a bit isolated if you prefer that type of environment. There is at least one beach to cater for your specific desires.

reading the wedding vows during the wedding ceremony

Enjoying the sea: For added fun, you can go scuba diving in some of the beaches like the “Kalafatis” beach. There are trusted dive centers that provide you and your guests with all the diving equipment you need to enjoy this sport. You also have the option of going sailing to visit the adjoining islands of Delos (archeological experience), Santorini, Naxos and others.

happy couple after their wedding in Mykonos

Chill out: You can also lounge in the various glamorous hotels and resorts and enjoy socializing. Moreover, most of the beaches can cater to that as well.

rice throwing custom in Mykonos Greece

Famous locations: Then you can visit some of the exotic locations in Mykonos. For example, the Little Venice which is a famous spot, where you can find serenity among the scenic architectures. This location will feed you with the impressive history of the Mykonos through the four museums it boasts of. There is also the “Chora” where you can leisurely stroll through the cobble-stoned streets. There you can visit the captivating Paraportiani church with its four in one chapels among other aesthetic sights.

wedding photo with Mykonos sea in the background

Nightlife: During your Mykonos wedding expedition, you can enjoy the fun-filled night life in the island. For the night crawlers, there are so many interesting parties to keep you entertained through the night.

wedding photo in a chapel in Mykonos

Mykonian food

The cuisines of this enchanting Island are a delight to the palates. Whether you prefer the seaside taverns, the restaurants or simply the street vendors, there is a plethora of dishes to satisfy every taste.

Looking for wedding snacks? The cheese dish of “Kopanisti” is a famous one and for good reasons too. Its creamy taste is from cow’s milk tinged with spicy flavor and garnished with olive oil and tomato. The “Louza” and the sausages are delicacies for the pork lovers. There are the onion pie known as “Kremidopita”, “Amygdalota” and almond cake, aka “Kalathaki”.

wedding photosession next to an orthodox chapel in Mykonos

The Mykonos Island has an array of famous dishes: the traditional classic “Moussaka” made from eggplant and béchamel, the Greek lasagna (“Pastitsio”) from ground beef and the gyros, a Greek burger served with yoghurt and vegetables in pita bread.

Wines from the various vineyards are great. The colorful “Mandilaria”, “Monemvasia” and the red and white “Xylomachairu” can grace your Mykonos wedding tables.

happy couple during their wedding photo shoot

Getting Around in Mykonos

For your wedding in Mykonos, you surely need a car or a motocycle. You can hire air conditioned cars to convey you and your guests around. The vehicle can be personalized to suit the occasion.

There are scooters also. To hire them, you must have a motorcycle license. Other convenient means of transportation are available including motorbikes, quadbikes and of course, the ‘‘Kaiki’’ (water taxi boats) for the beaches.

happy bride in Mykonos looking amazing by the sea

Mykonos photographer for your wedding

All these terrific, life-altering experiences will stay in your memory with wedding photography. An experienced Mykonos photographer is an integral part of a successful wedding. Above all, you can keep the memories fresh.

The magnificence and grandeur of your Mykonos wedding is apparent in the photographs: The blue of the skies, the purple-orange sunset, the sugar-white sands of the beaches, the breathtaking villages… Most importantly, you will have that memorable moment when you tie the nuptial knots, forever.

happy couple photo session by the sea

The photographer should capture the intimate and brilliant moments of your wedding in Mykonos. A skilled photographer knows when to get the best out of the natural light and possesses a detailed knowledge of all the enchanting places for the wedding photo shoots.

With a Mykonos photographer, an expert wedding planner, the sun-kissed picturesque island of Mykonos, exotic cuisines and drinks, and the plethora of fun places and activities combined, you can organize a great tailor made wedding. In conclusion, Mykonos can give you unique wedding experience.

Mykonos night view from the wedding venue

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