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Photographer in Crete, Greece – Beach Portraits

A photographer in Crete is inspired by the magnificent landscape of the island. Especially, the beaches are an enchanting setting of natural beauty. The coast offers a unique experience and energy. Blue, turquoise and green palettes of nature create an awe-inspiring portraiture scenery.

Two people in love decided to visit Crete. Their preferred location for exchanging their vows was a, as lonely as possible, beach. Stavros beach near Chania in western Crete was ideal. Beaches in Crete can be crowded in summer but there are some places around which offer isolation. Their ceremony was simple and personal. I always feel honored to witness their moments as their photographer in Crete and I express my appreciation through capturing their portraits of love in such a natural environment.

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Lee (or Roper as I like to call him) & I first started out as friends. Our relationship slowly grew from there. By slowly, I mean it took 7 years before he asked me to be his wife. Once he asked me though, I knew our wedding was not going to be traditional because nothing about our relationship was or is traditional. I did not want a big wedding. Since my grandmother passed away 2 years ago, I knew I just could not have a ceremony without including her memory in some way. My grandmother left a gift to my family when she passed. That gift was a dream vacation in Europe. I could not wait. Then, when Roper proposed to me in March, we decided that the perfect way to honor my grandmother was to get married, just the two of us, while we were on the vacation she gifted us. The ceremony was perfect. We said the vows we wrote to each other, we had the sun setting behind us, the waves crashing beside us and the most magical love between us. It was everything I could have ever wished for and more.

Our photographer in Crete, Antonis and his lovely wife congratulated us, helped us get into our outfits and witnessed one of the most special moments of our lives. The pictures capture every moment perfectly. It was so relaxing, beautiful, and special. I could not have possibly dreamed up photos of my wedding day as beautifully as Antonis captured them. They are something out of a fairy tale. He makes you feel so comfortable and his work speaks for its self. I cannot wait to visit Crete again in the future and have Antonis capture more portraits of special moments again.

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Wedding Photographer in Crete
Wedding portraits in Crete

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