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A photographer in Chania is very lucky to live and photograph in such a great scenery! The old town and the Venetian harbor are monuments of historic value. They attract many people from all around the world every year. I live in Chania all year round, I love walking around my town and I try enjoying every part of it.

photographer Chania b
couple photo shoot in the old harbor in Chania
photo session in the old harbor next to the lighthouse of Chania
sunrise time

4 photo-sessions

Between the words, you will see photos from 4 photo-sessions. The couples had their holidays in Chania, Crete. They wanted a personal lifestyle photo-shoot and I was their photographer in Chania. I was looking for some charming lifestyle portraits with a natural, non-obstructive way.

the lighthouse is the ideal background of the portrait sessions in Chania
enjoying the sunrise in the old harbor in a colourful pallete and the white mountains of Crete in the background

Best locations in Chania

Chania’s old town is a stunning place where one can discover structures from various civilizations from the past. This region is so beautiful, mostly due to its timeless charm. Wandering around the old town is definitely one of the best things to do in Chania. Many spots offer great backgrounds for photography and you can combine your walk with some unforgettable portraits.

intimate kiss on the forehead
intimate hug in the old town
looking each other

The waterfront of the old Venetian harbor is ideal for a stroll and the narrow alleyways around it are very picturesque! The Lighthouse is an iconic landmark and many movie producers have chosen that as the scenery for their movies. The old town and the Venetian Harbor in Chania are amazing spots with panoramic beauty and they certainly make Chania the perfect location ideal for memorable photos.

photo at the amazing stairs
enjoying the sun
colourful palette eveywhere

The area of Chania combines important archaeological sites with amazing natural environment and along with rich cultural elements, they all create a destination every traveler should visit. Calm weather, wonderful beaches, traditional villages, glorious gorges, Cretan products and cuisine are some of the highlights. Especially, the beaches in Chania are landscapes of great beauty.

kissing during sunset
kiss in front of the sea
couple is having fun during the photo session
having fun during the photo shoot

Photography in Chania

As a photographer in Chania, I create memorable photos in Chania’s most famous locations. Lifestyle photography is all about making family heirlooms. That can be an engagement, wedding, prewedding, honeymoon, couple photo-shoot, family photos or just vacation portraits. Those photos will be a valuable gift for you and your loved ones and one of the best things to do in Chania!

photo session in Stavros beach
enjoying the sand
running together and enjoying the photo session
an amazing landscape near Chania

Knowing where and how: A photographer in Chania is able to spot some stunning backgrounds that will frame you in memorable views. This is something that you would definitely want if you are visiting for holidays.

intimate moments
intimate portrait by the sea
enjoying the Cretan sun
beautiful lady by the sea
photographer Chania c
natural posing means honest photos
the couple gets in the sea during the last moments of the sunset

Candid and natural photos: Ideally, lifestyle photography should be candid looking photos! However, some may need some natural posing instructions for their portraits. In addition, relaxed mood, spontaneous reactions and fun is the combination for the most successful photos!

black and white portrait of a couple in a Cretan landscape
sunrise landscape in Agioi Apostoloi
sunrise photo-session in Chania
colourful portrait of a couple in love
portrait of a young woman
amazing sunrise light
rocky landscape in Chania
looking each other in front of the sea
looking each other in a rocky landscape in Crete
a lovely couple in love
looking each other with love and care
walking together
couple photo-shoot in Agioi Apostoloi near Chania

A vacation photographer in Chania should incorporate the locations and the surroundings in the photos. Lovely spots with great colors and interesting elements, such as old structures, small squares, stores with local products, old windows and doors, are always nice to be included in the photographs. Above all, the sea, which is in the heart of the old town, offers magnificent views. A photographer in Chania has the ability to capture so many remarkable things.

couple photo-session in the small alleys in the old town of Chania
having fun in the old town next to the old buildings
kissing in the old town of Chania
happy together in the old town
beautiful lady next to the colourful buildings
a couple is calm sitting together in love on the amazing pink stairs of Chania
come with me
Chania photographer

In conclusion: If you are wondering what to do during your holidays in Chania, a vacation photo-shoot session should be on the top of your list.

photo-shoot in the olive trees
close-up of a couple in the olive trees
Chania photography
a gentleman helping his partner
intimate close up portrait of a young couple
happy couple
intimate black and white close-up portrait

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