Wedding Photographer in Crete

Wedding Photographer in Crete, Greece

At the harbor of Chania, Athena and John asked me to be their wedding photographer in Crete, the destination of their love. It was a very beautiful and well-matched couple which you adore from the moment you meet them!

The weather was rainy on their wedding day. Unexpectedly, the rain stopped just before the ceremony, so the wedding took place outside the beautiful chapel of Prophet Elias in Chania, Crete. The moment when Athena appeared at the church and met John who was waiting for her was so beautiful that one can hardly forget. The dinner and the party that followed were at the famous restaurant ”Bat”.

Two days later and with the sense of their marriage still fresh, we arranged for a relaxed ride in order to take some unique portraits. Even though the time was very limited due their obligations, the result was definitely highlighting the special energy of the couple. Athena and John, thank you, my dear friends, for your trust and for sharing your joy with me.

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A boy in Chania and a girl from Athens. Summer 2008. It was my last holiday night and a small chat at a bar was enough to make me return to Athens with his thought, without even having his phone … It was not only me thinking of him though … On one of the following days, I received a friend request and a message. And this is how it all started. And what were the chances? Everything clicked effortlessly and the distance between us was just a small detail. It was to be done, as simple as that… We wanted the day of our wedding to be a party for us and for those who love us. With all this positive energy we wanted to continue our life together. We chose Chania and Crete because it is beautiful and we both love it and of course because it had all started there!

The wedding day was rainy, but that did not discourage us, and finally at the correct time, during the ceremony, the sky got a beautiful pink colour. We will both remember that on that day we had a great time while the joy and the love that accompanied us from family and friends was incredible.

Antonis, our wedding photographer in Crete, managed to capture through his photos not just pictures from the wedding but our feelings with a minimalistic aesthetic that suited us perfectly. For the “next day” photography we wanted something more relaxed and simple without something superfluous, only us, Giannis and Athina. Thank you my friend Antonis!

Preparation Venue: Monastery Hotel | Church: Prophet Elias | Wedding Venue: Bat Restaurant | Makeup artist: Tonia Bakousi | Wedding Dress: Konstantinos Melis | Bridal Shoes: Nak | Wedding Rings: Chrysotechno | Groom’s Shoes: Ted Baker

Portraits in Crete by the beach
A wedding during sunset by the beach

Wedding Photographer in Greece
Photographer in Crete

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