Wedding Photographer in Chania

Wedding Photographer in Chania, Crete

As a wedding photographer in Chania i am so glad that I photographed Georgia’s and Maki’s wedding, since they are one of my favorite couples because of both our strong friendship and our mutual, deep appreciation. They love each other so much and they have created a wonderful family. Their marriage was a pleasant surprise to all of their friends! In no time they had organized everything to perfection. They knew exactly what they wanted and they did it their own way.

On their wedding day, we found them getting prepared together at their home! It is really nice to be the photographer of a true love. The ceremony was beautiful; it took place at Profitis Ilias church having the majestic panorama of Chania at the background. After the ceremony there was the reception, where the couple were wearing comfortable clothes that represented the relaxed energy of the night.

Some days later, we went on the “next day” photoshooting in the city of Chania, Crete. It is a place full of both very beautiful and very popular spots! We have preferred to visit the less known parts of the new city and the atmosphere which was created by the light and the slow paced city on a Sunday, paid us off. During the end of our shooting, we ended up walking by empty main streets, while enjoying the urban landscape! Αdmittedly, it was a magnificent setting which was inspiring for all participants and especially, for me as the wedding photographer in Chania, a city of beauty.

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