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Being a wedding photographer in Greece, in a beautiful greek island, is a dreamy experience! Enrico and Aggeliki, two good friends of mine, decided to get married at the lovely island of Kea-Tzia. Everything seemed from the beginning that the wedding would be unforgettable. The summer, a Greek island, the sun, friends and good mood contributed to that. The wedding was a three-day party. Friends and relatives from Italy and the rest of Greece arrived.

In the days before the wedding, the sea and the beaches were the meeting place for the friends. Koundouros was the best beach for these days. One day before the wedding, during the afternoon, we went with Aggeliki and Enrico for a walk at Ioulida, in Kea-Tzia, where we took some beautiful portraits just before the sun had touched the sea. The light was indescribable! In the evening, a party took place at Aggeliki’s holiday house which was an architectural masterpiece, perfectly matched with the environment and the elements of the island. All the couple’s friends were there full of joy and in the proper party mood. The positive feeling when I see so much energy around me and so much love made me the happier wedding photographer in Greece and this cannot be described!

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The wedding ceremony was at a magical part of the island, the monastery of Kastriani. Traditional Greek musicians were playing music while following the bride until she reached the groom. This is customary for a wedding in Greece. The ceremony was very special and you could see the love in the couple’s eyes all the time. After the ceremony, the guests were arriving at the reception under the sounds of live traditional Greek music. The dinner took place in a very beautiful place, at Varadi, where the lighting and the decoration were unique. Later on, the party was the perfect finale for that wedding, where Greek traditional melodies were combined with music from around the world.


We have been living in Italy for the last 10 years and we have decided to get married or even better to make a huge party in order to gather, to thank and to have fun with all the people who loved us and supported us in the course of our lives. Given that Enrico is from Venice and I am from Athens, we wanted to find a different, neutral location to have our wedding and that is why we decided to have it in Kea-Tzia. We have a holiday house there and we know the island very well. So, we knew that it would be ideal for the Italians who wanted to combine our wedding with their holidays and also near Athens for the Athenians who wanted to come just for weekend. And this is how the organization of our wedding started. Two crazy architects who were trying to organise almost everything themselves.

We designed the invitations, the menu, we made the bonbons, the polaroid corner, the signs and the thousands of lights. I also designed the wedding dress myself in order to be able to use my grandmother’s embroidery. When we had first visited the monastery of Kastriani many years ago, we were both sure that it was the place where we wanted to have our wedding without a second thought. It was what we were looking for, a small world of blue and white, built on a hill. We decided to have the party at the garden of the folklore museum of Kea -Tzia. With the help of Stavroula’s exceptional taste, we decorated the area with hundreds of lights and the tables with beautiful flowers from the island and with jars with candles. The easiest part was choosing our wedding photographer in Greece. We loved his work and his huge experience. He was behind us taking pictures in Ioulida, at the beach, at the party of the previous day and of course at the wedding.

Floral Design: Stavroula Tripilioti | DJ: Qualisound | Church: Kastriani Monastery | Wedding Venue: Varadi | Makeup artist: Studio B
Wedding Shoes: Elite | Groom’s Apparel – Shoes – Accessories: Hugo Boss

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