Wedding Portraits in Crete, Greece

Wedding Portraits in Crete are a magical choice in every season of the year. Specifically in Spring or in Autumn, where one can see some unique colors in nature and enjoy the tranquility of that season. The golden couloured landscape during sunset always creates a magical setting.

touching hands

I have included three different wedding photo-shoots. The first one was just after their wedding ceremony by the sea. The second one took place several days after the wedding in a marvelous setting in the vineyards and the olive groves. The third one was in the old town of Chania.

wedding portraits in the island of Crete
touching heads in love
couple kissing by the sea
couple photo session in an amazing landscape
almost kissing
close up portrait
couple in love under the trees in Agioi Apostoloi in Chania
a couple in Agioi Apostoloi
laughing and having fun
couple photo session in Crete
portrait by the sea
blue sea and sky as the background in Crete

The place and the concept for an outdoor wedding photo-shoot is decided together with the couple, taking into account their personal preferences. No photo-shoot is identical to a previous one and this process is always a new experience to me, as well.

photographer Chania
groom is looking at the bride

My priority as a photographer is to make sure that the couple feels comfortable. It is so much better when there is no stress and no time pressure, because this relaxed feeling is always apparent at the photos. In addition, the lighting conditions and the environment / setting are important factors to consider, in order to be sure that the result will certainly be the desired one.

amazing landscape in Crete
groom kissing the bride

Generally, a wedding is the ideal occasion for portraits and many times couples have been telling how happy they are that they have decided to have a wedding photo-shoot. These photographs are a special heirloom for the couple and everyone is glad when they look at them after years.

photographer in Crete
kissing in the Cretan nature
dramatic sunset in Chania


Kiki and Andreas got married in Athens and decided to have their wedding portraits in Crete, the birthplace of Andreas. Specifically, Akrotiri is a colourful and magical place and together with the couple, we visited a number of sites that I had in my mind based on the lighting conditions and the season of the year. We had such a wonderful time!

portrait of a couple under the olive trees


I met Andreas some years ago and we have been always appreciating each other. Our love started in Chania, Crete during Christmas 2012. It was all very relaxed at the beginning but quickly we realized that this relationship is something special and we could see that we have found in each other what we were seeking for years. We had many differences but we also had many things in common and we were sharing the same values and the same aspirations for life. Andreas has very unique characteristics that charm me and fascinate me every single day. We both believe that you can only find the real happiness in the true moments of life.

portrait in the vineyards

Our wedding for us was a celebration of our joy that we wanted to share only with close relatives and our best friends. We did not pay any attention to the “formalities” of a wedding and we certainly did it exactly as we wanted it to be… a big party!

wedding portrait under the olive tree

When we had to choose the wedding photographer, we got very lucky because our instinct told us to ask Antonis to be with us that day. When we saw his photos, we had no doubt that we wanted his vision in the only material thing that would be left from our wedding, our photos. Antonis and Frantzesca are two wonderful and kind people, who were next to us “tireless” and calm, as long as we needed them.

Chania photography

Without feeling any pressure, we both felt that we had “our” people around us, taking pictures during the whole wedding day – from the preparations of the wedding until late in the night where we ended up dancing like crazy! Except that day, for which we thank them from our hearts, the result of their work, along with the wedding portraits in Crete undoubtedly reached our expectations. Photos that capture honestly, sentimentality and with a special artistic view, our marriage and our relationship. As unique as that day!

wedding portrait of two people in love in a monastery in Chania
wedding photo in Agios Ioannis Eleimon
looking each other inside the wedding car
kissing in the wedding car
in front of Fagotto bar
looking each other in Love
photo session in the small alleys in the old town of Chania
interesting composition of forms and colours
young couple in the old town
amazing spot
magnificent wedding photo during the sunset time in the old town of Chania
intimate wedding photo in Crete
happy bride playing with her dress
happy bride holding groom's hands
photo session among the old buildings
newly weds dancing among the old buildings
dancing together
amazing secret spot
stunning bride looking in the lens
bride looking relaxed while hugging her partner
hugging and kissing
intimate candid and enjoying moment
looking to the light house
wedding photo-shoot in Crete
kissing bride's arm
gorgeous bride in front of the Lighthouse
sitting together in love
relaxed moments of newlyweds in the old harbor of Chania
intimate close up in the old harbor
wedding portrait by the sea in Crete

Wedding photo shoots in Crete
Portraits of people in love
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