Wedding proposal in Crete

A wedding proposal in Crete is a monumental experience. The decision to enter into marriage with your loved one is a remarkable occasion. Weddings are beautiful and their magic is evident in every detail. However, do you know what is even more beautiful? The awe-inspiring moments leading up to the "Yes, I do." If you want a magnificent location and an intimate marriage proposal, Crete is a great place to do it.

getting ready to propose in Crete
marriage proposal in Crete Chania
marriage proposal in Crete
private photo-shoot for a wedding proposal in Chania
she cannot believe that he proposed her
she cannot believe that she is going to get married
looking again and again the ring
the proposal ring on her hand

Here in Crete, there are many dreamy spots to visit with your partner if you want to pop the big question. The island is a destination for romantic getaways and wedding proposals.

same sex wedding proposal in Crete Chania
gay marriage proposal in Chania
happy to get married
personal professional photographer in Chania
vacation photographer in Chania
proposal rings for a gay couple
they hired a local photographer for their phototours in Chania
private photo-shoot for a gay couple in Chania from a local photographer in Crete
lifestyle photo-session from a local photographer in Chania

From the iconic old towns of Chania and Rethymnon to the scenic ambiance and the beautiful beaches, Crete has everything you need. In that case, you will need a photographer to capture the excitement and happiness on camera. Here, is where I come in.

he asks her to marry him in a secluded space in the old town of Chania
happy together
enjoying getting lost in the old town having a personal photography session in Chania
Chania photography


A marriage proposal is a major milestone in a couple's life and it is a special event. Photography can make it even more special for you. As a professional photographer, during the photo-shoot, I capture deep and honest emotions on camera. Being in the right place, at the right time I document discretely your feelings and reactions. After that, the couple can relive every minute of that moments. Furthermore, they can share these images with their loved ones, friends and family.

proposal decoration at the beach
marriage proposal decoration at the beach
romantic marriage proposal at the beach
wedding proposal decoration ideas

The perfect spots to pop your big question

A magnificent setting is important for your wedding proposal in Crete. You and your partner share a truly magical moment together. It is important for me to discuss all the details with the partner who is going to propose. Above all, I listen to your ideas and your inspiration about that day! Additionally, I can give you some useful information and suggestions about the most picturesque and romantic sceneries in the area.

unbelievable wedding proposal in the old harbor of Chania in front of the lighthouse
she cannot believe it!
portrait photo-session in front of the light house of Chania
so happy after giving her the promise ring

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