Wedding in Crete

A Wedding in Crete, Greece

A wedding in Crete or in a Greek island could not have a better backdrop than a sandy beach. Kaja and Kuba, a couple from Poland, have decided that their wedding destination was Crete and their marriage took place in a magnificent setting by the sea during sunset. Their families and friends were with them and all lived together those emotional moments. Guests and swimmers, who were present at that wedding in the beach, enjoyed this atmosphere. In the couple’s eyes, you could see the love they felt for each other. Dear friends, I am happy that I experienced your love.

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The first time I saw Kuba was on a basketball game and he looked like my favourite actor – Ashton Kutcher. Already then he caught my eye. Then, we met in high school and we were in the same class. Gradually, we came closer and started to be officially couple on 2011. After finishing high school, we lived together. We were 18 years old but we were sure that was good decision.

Despite of that, our characters are completely different, Kuba is a home bird, I am more outgoing. We create one integrity. I feel safe and I know that I can always depend on Kuba. He always makes me laugh, but the most important is he has a big heart.

Kuba: “The thing I like the most in Kaja is her personality. She is very kind and helpful. She is always next to me, wherever I go.”

Kuba’s job is connected with changing locations. Wherever he signs the contract, we are moving together with our dog Nando. First day after we bought our apartment and moved in, Kuba proposed to me. It was a beautiful moment on a pier with an amazing sky with lot of stars. We decided to get married on the beach because it was my dream. Some years in my childhood, my parents lived in Greece and I have a lot of good memories. A wedding in Crete was our choice since the island is a beautiful place to rest and spend lovely time.

Regarding to our photographer in our wedding in Crete, we are so happy with our wedding portraits! They are awesome! The atmosphere during the photo-shoot was great. We never had a photography session before but he helped us to get relaxed and be natural.

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A wedding full of elegance
A portrait session in the beach

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