Getting married in Crete

“Getting married in Crete” is a chance to celebrate your wedding on a gorgeous, historic Greek island. Uniting two hearts in marriage is a unique moment and it deserves taking place at a magnificent setting.

Grecotel white palace
groom waiting for the bride in Crete
groom Boutonniere
groomsmen Boutonniere
bride walking down the aisle in Grecotel White Palace
wedding ceremony in Grecotel white palace

Indeed, the island of Crete is popular for its many beautiful beaches, friendly people, and the diverse landscapes. Crete is the best destination for your wedding since it combines holiday activities and unforgettable experiences with beautiful wedding moments. In addition, it has a key position in history. It is home to Europe’s oldest history and the origin of Greek gods and ancient warriors.

Bride in Grecotel white palace
wedding bouquet
groom is happy
Crete wedding hotels

Photography keeps the memories of your wedding alive. You can share your wedding stories to your family and kids in the future. A wedding photograph captures a major milestone in a couple’s common life. Moreover, it documents the ambiance and the feeling of that special day. Getting married in Crete provides an ideal background for your wedding which affects positively the pictures.

Crete wedding venue Grecotel White Palace
getting married in Crete b
african wedding ceremony
wedding in Grecotel White Palace
happy couple

Crete wedding hotel

A lovely couple decided to say “I do” in a great wedding hotel in Crete. The wedding resort had an impressive unobstructed view of the Cretan sea. The white color was dominant in the venue creating a harmonic combination with the blue color of the sky.

Crete wedding venues
couple photo under the arch
wedding in Crete
groom boutonniere ideas

The ceremony was as simple as possible and the guests were a few, only family and close friends. After that, we had a portrait session on the beach during sunset. The couple had its first dance while the last light on the sky was disappearing. In short, the scenery, the wedding hotel and the light were incredible and the experience of getting married in Crete was very memorable for the couple.

wedding dinner with family and friends
couple arriving in the reception
beautiful dark skin bride
wedding toast
emotional groom speech
african wedding

As a wedding photographer, I look for real feelings and personal moments. That wedding had some a really deep and emotional atmosphere, which made it so special. Above all, I saw honest love in their eyes. It was a great honor to be with them in such a day.

wedding portraits in Grecotel White palace
wedding portraits in a hotel in Crete
portraits in wedding hotel
sunset portraits in Crete
getting married in Crete c
bride and groom walking by the sea during sunset
getting married in Crete d
wedding Rethymno
wedding portraits during the sunset
portraits in love in Crete
groom and bride in love in Crete
bridal portrait in Grecotel White Palace
close up detail bouquet
intimate close up portrait
Grecotel White Palace wedding dinner
wedding party

Wedding photography in Crete
“Day after” wedding portraits
Unique marriage by the sea
Wedding photography in Chania

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