Persian wedding in Crete

A magnificent Persian wedding in Crete took place in Roxani Estate, one of the most beautiful places to get married in Chania area. Actually, the Greek culture met Iranian traditions and this marriage merged elements from both regions. The family of the bride came for this destination Persian wedding in Crete. The groom’s family originates from Crete.

bride bride getting ready bride preparations Roxani Estate Chania Crete wedding table wedding table in Roxani Estate

Roxani Estate in Chania, Crete

Roxani Estate is an ideal place for a destination wedding in Crete. It is located near Chania in an area called ”Apokoronas”. This place is well known for the spectacular natural environment. Roxani Estate offers is an elegant location suitable for a wedding ceremony, reception, dinner and party. Above all, it offers a magical setting for a wedding photo-shoot.

groom waiting for the bride walking down the aisle Iranian wedding Greece wedding in Apokoronas

Sofreh Aghd – Iranian Wedding in Crete

Sofreh Aghd elements are the most impressive part of the ceremony. They play an important role in a Persian or Iranian wedding and include symbols of this tradition. Additionally, Sofreh Aghd is combined ideally with a destination wedding with two different cultures.

Roxani Estate guests sofreh aghd Crete sofreh aghd Chania wedding ceremony in Roxani Estate Iranian bride in Crete Iranian wedding in Crete Persian wedding in Greece Iranian wedding Chania, Greece sofreh aghd wedding Greece sofreh aghd wedding Crete spots in Roxani Estate Greek Iranian wedding Iranian wedding in Chania photoshoot in Roxani Estate wedding in Roxani Estate bridal portrait Iranian bride Roxani Estate dinner panoramic view

A fantastic night

The ceremony and the reception were in the same spot. Then the people moved to another place inside Roxani Estate for the dinner and the party. The couple along with families and friends had a great night with Iranian and Cretan dances. Certainly, Margreet, the wedding planner form Gamos Crete did an excellent work and everything was organized perfectly.

wedding reception table wedding reception table olive leaf wedding cake Roxani Estate wedding tables wedding party in Roxani bride and groom dancing wedding party in Apokoronas wedding party Persian wedding party Iranian wedding party Iranian wedding tradition Cretan dance traditional cretan dance

Day-After photo-shoot

Two days afterwards, we visited a lovely Cretan village for some wedding portraits. Most importantly, the mood was relaxing and we had such a great time!

photo-shoot in Apokoronas photo-shoot in Vamos photo in Vamos wedding portrait in Vamos couple photo-shoot in Vamos vamos portrait Cretan village

Wedding Planner: Gamos Crete | Wedding Venue: Roxani Estate | Wedding Videography: Alexandros Ktistakis – Elena Mavraki | 2nd Photographer: Nektarios Pogkas

A lovely wedding in Crete.
A wedding full of love

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