An Agrecofarms wedding is…

An Agrecofarms wedding is a genuine experience for the couple and their guests! This estate is one of the most famous wedding venues in Crete and their philosophy is influenced from original Crete and its traditions. What is included? Natural beauty, traditional architecture, Greek hospitality, Mediterranean cuisine with local products, home-made agriculture and a unique philosophy of ‘‘Less is More’’. In other words, the essence of the Cretan culture.

Between the words I will present to you some photos from a wedding in Agreco!

The chapel in Agreco and the colourful nature

A traditional natural landscape for your wedding in Agrecofarms

Agrecofarms is a well-maintained estate with attention to detail. The visitor enters the space through a large door and experiences the area with all the senses. A corridor leads to a colorful palette of native ornamental plants and aromatic herbs. You can notice some tall old olive trees that have a subtle but at the same time majestic presence. You can touch their rosy trunks that look like the wrinkles of old people and feel that they have been in these grounds for hundreds of years.

wedding decoration in Agrecofarms

Around the main buildings small paths lead to the gardens where local produce is grown. The estate is located on a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. There one can feel free and calm enjoying only the sounds of nature and feeling the summer breeze.

Agreco wedding ceremony spot in front of the chapel

The Architecture

At a central point is an inner courtyard that is as large as needed to accommodate all your loved ones. A defining element is also a tall olive tree in the middle that spreads harmony in the space.

The buildings around the courtyard have been designed in traditional Cretan architecture. In general, the place reminds of a small neighborhood, like a square of a small Cretan village. Stone and Wood are the dominant elements which blend beautifully with the natural environment. In addition, the decoration has many elements of traditional culture.

seating arrangement
wedding table details
the tables are ready for the guests
wedding table in Agrecofarms
wedding bouquet detail

The general area and how to get there

It is located approximately 8 kilometers outside the town of Rethymnon, near the village of Adele and is accessible by car. The surrounding area consists of hills with olive trees and gardens.

the groom with his friends enjoy raki
raki is is the traditional drink of Crete
the groom's party are ready for the marriage
portrait of the groom

A Variety of picturesque spots

There are many different spots which can serve a different purpose for a wedding at Agrecofarms.

The reception spot

There is a spot for reception which has a lovely shadow which is ideal for the hot Greek Summer. Your guests can enjoy some cool drinks and enjoy the view of the fields.

the bride feels she is almost ready

The colorful stairs

In fact, there are rooms upstairs to get ready. The stairs leading to these apartments are decorated with colorful flowers and can be your fairy tale path before walking down the aisle for the ceremony.

upstairs room where the bride is getting ready
the bridesmaids walking down the stairs of Agreco

Wedding ceremony spots

The wedding venue offers several wedding ceremony spots. The couple can get married at a lovely balcony with amazing view or in front of a charming chapel. Either option offers a unique marital experience.

the bride walkind down the aisle in Agrecofarms
wedding in Agrecofarms
exchanging rings
guests throw petals on the newlyweds in Agreco
happy newly-weds
the bridesmaids holding a wedding bouquet

Multiple spots for the wedding photo-session

The location of the property is such that it offers magical lighting conditions. The charming soft light is important for photography. In addition, the stunning natural surrounding fields are ideal for a portrait session after the wedding ceremony. During the photo-shoot time, it’s nice for the newly-weds to know that their guests can do some interesting things like wine tasting and that they are having a good time.

wedding photo-session in Agrecofarms
the newly-weds holding each other in front of the chapel
the bride sitting on a old wooden throne
the groom kisses the bride on her forehead
they look each other with love during the couple photo-shoot
intimate portrait of the couple
wedding photo-shoot in the olive tree fields
wedding photographer in Agrecofarms
wedding portrait session in the vineyards of Agreco
The nature around Agreco made this session a joyful experience
a bridal portrait
the gardens of Agreco are an ideal background for some wedding photos

The Balcony

I want to highlight a point of extraordinary beauty especially at a certain time of day. This is the wonderful “Balcony” with a view to the West over the vineyard fields to the sea! Just at the time of sunset, this balcony shines and offers a sensational experience to those present. The energy of nature at its best!

enjoying the view of the sunset from the Balcony in Agreco
the balcony in Agreco with an amazing view
the guests cannot get enough of this view

Wedding Dinner and party time in the inner courtyard

The inner yard is a charming place to enjoy your dinner with your guests. Specifically, dusk is such a magical time when the last blue light of the day blends harmoniously with the beautiful lights of the courtyard. After the dinner, I have experienced many emotional moments listening to the speeches where everyone emphasizes that it is a dream for them to be at such a place. Finally, party time is a perfect opportunity to unwind and relax! I have documented crazy moments of people dancing all kinds of music! From traditional dances such as “Sirtaki” to whatever the couple/guests wish!

the guests dance in Agreco courtyard
raising glasses after a wedding speech
groom's wedding speech

The Cretan cuisine

I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing the food is. Firstly, it is home-made and the selection of dishes is inspired from the authentic Cretan cuisine! Their secret lies in the top raw materials and the simplicity of the flavors which that come from the healthy Mediterranean diet of the island’s inhabitants.

Agrecofarms courtyard during the dusk
Agrecofarms courtyard

In Summary

A wedding at Agrecofarms is an experience. It combines the best elements of a destination wedding in Crete. Nature, Culture, open Views and people in Love.

the attendees enjoy the emotional speeches
the guests enjoying Greek dances
crazy party moments while dancing ''Sirtaki''
everyone is dancing and having fun

Wedding Venue: Agrecofarms | Wedding Planner: NM Events | Lighting Design: Rakintzis Events | Floral Design: Flowercenter Chania | DJ: Aris Spyropoulos | Groom’s preparation Place: Villa Thoi

Images from weddings in Crete
Wedding photographer in Chania, in a beautiful location

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