A Beach wedding in Daios Cove, in Crete

A wedding in Daios Cove is always a special event, especially if that happens by the beach! I feel very lucky that I was the photographer in such an exceptional wedding of a very nice couple at a great location, in Daios Cove, near Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

The guests were few and dear ones. Everything was well taken care in order for this marriage to take place by the sea on a pier made just for this purpose, on the edge of a stunning beach. The bride was shimmering and had an unpretending beauty. Ηer hair was plaited in a wreath and the groom was waiting for her in a chic tuxedo. After the ceremony, we went for a walk on the beach in order to take pictures in which one can easily perceive the honest love of the couple. The dinner that followed was in a romantic mood with special lighting and relaxed atmosphere.

Crete is an ideal place for beach weddings. The coastline is full of scenic natural beauties and secret paradises. The Mediterranean colors, the sunny weather and the Cretan cuisine are the magical combination of an idyllic Oceanside marriage.

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