Yoga in Crete – Milia Retreat

Doing Yoga in Crete is a unique experience for someone to feel. The natural environment and the weather create ideal conditions for such an activity. Isolated sandy beaches and mountains are places full of energy and natural beauty. Away from crowed places, somebody can find harmony and silence. The landscapes and the views contribute to positive feelings and spiritual thinking.

A friend of mine Aubrey, asked me to photograph her workshop in Crete, in Milia Mountain retreat. Milia is a lovely isolated place in the mountains, which offers stunning views to the hills around. It is located in a green paradise in western Crete which is well-hidden from massive tourism. Aubrey and her attendants immerse into nature with positive energy doing meditation and yoga in Crete. Her presence was a remarkable sense of spirituality. Their activity included sacred drumming and creation of vibrational botanical blends.

yoga Crete b
yoga Crete c

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